Life changing car hacks

Life Changing Car Hacks

If you’re a frugal mommy or someone who likes to DIY, learn and save some cash, chances are that you’ve heard of Jordan Page “The Queen of Frugal” and blogger behind where she writes and showcases about fun and cool life hacks.

In this YouTube video, Jordan shares some of her life changing car hacks, plus tips, tricks, and gadgets that save her and your sanity in the silver bullet (the family van).

Ready to get your frugal mommy mind blow? We knew you were 🙂

All of the items listed in this life changing car hacks video are also listed on Jordan’s YouTube page and can also be found on Amazon with their respective links below:

Car vacuum:

Hanging garbage can:

Silicone cupcake liners:

HDMI input:

HDMI cable:

Air freshener:

Nano mount:

File folder:

Microfiber cloth: – code “FREEBS” for 10% off Bottle


Emergency Kit:


Hair Bag:…

Bench Seat cover:

Single Seat cover:

Bag for receipts:

Membership cards-rings

Hole punch:

Go Girl:

Thank you Jordan Page for all of your contribution to the mommy frugal nation; you are truly appreciated 🙂

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