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HackerTV is a video educational platform that showcases the best DIY, How-To and Life-Hack videos on the internet, redefining how people learn.

With research derived from academia experts, professors, and psychologists, HackerTV developed the Learning IQ™, a curriculum that teaches how to solve problems and make learning more enjoyable by reconditioning the brain to understand information better, faster and retain it for longer periods of time; in other words, to get smarter.

Learning IQ is comprised of three parts:

– Part 1: the video clearly identifies the purpose or intent early on.

– Part 2: the video presents simple, yet detailed information of what is to be learned or gained.

– Part 3: the video teaches how to progressively problem solve by first focusing on the problem, not the solution or tool. For example, when teaching someone how to change a bicycle wheel, the teacher should first demonstrate how to remove the wheel – the problem – and then specify the tool to remove it with – the solution, not the other way around which is known as conventional teaching.

We hope you enjoy your experience on HackerTV!

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