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DIY Percussive Massager

DIY Percussive Massager

DIY Percussive Massager

If you’ve been to any major sporting event in the US, basketball in particular, before and during the game, you’ll likely see athletes getting massaged by their trainer with what looks like a gun-shaped-device that has a rapid moving ball at the front controlled by a trigger. In other words, a percussive massager.

A few years ago, percussive massagers hit the market and were being sold as the Theragun (short for therapy gun) or Hyperice appearing everywhere on social media. With any new product that comes to market 1st, the price will likely be high. As competitors enter, they usually offer a similar and sometimes better product, even a DIY percussive massager option at a cheaper price, forcing the main market dominator to lower its prices to stay competitive.

Now-a-days, if you Google percussive massager, you’ll see a ton of option from different manufacturers for as cheap at $159 (2109). That’s a decent price considering that when Theragun debuted, they were being sold for about $599. The only major difference between some of the more expensive ones and the cheaper ones is the noise they make and power of the motor. We heard that some can be very noisy which may not be pleasant when you’re tying to relax and get your muscles worked on.

In this YouTube video, Joel from As Many Reviews As Possible shows us how DIY percussive massager just like Thergun (which used to cost anywhere from $400-$600) for about $125 and works just as well, only its makes a bit more noise.

All you need are the items below from Amazon or Home Depot and you are on your way to some serious muscle recovery!

WORX Reciprocating Saw
Reciprotools RCT-A10 Reciprocating Saw Adapter
Power Bits
LAX Balls

Thank you Joel for your thoughtful innovation 🙂

Did you like the DIY percussive massager video you just watched? If so, be sure to check out Joel’s Website and be sure to follow him on Instagram / Twitter / Crossfit

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