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How to make a Deadmau5 head

How to make a Deadmau5 head

How To Make a Deadmau5 Head

If you’re into house music or EDM, you’ve heard of deadmau5, if you haven’t then you probably don’t own a TV or smartphone or both and still get your pop culture news from a news paper or from your your grand parents!

In this YouTube video, robdogz01 spends 7 minutes showing us how to make a deadmau5 head while actual deadmau5 music plays in the background (how smashing). The video is speed up in light of cutting down on length, making it an easier watch. The comments in the actual video are overly positive as many point out robdogz01’s great craftsmanship and dedication to building a quality product, and we couldn’t agree more.

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You also have to admire his persistence and patience on getting it done, which we’re sure was manged and maintained by the beverage he quickly enjoyed @2:02. @5:30 his buddy comes into frame and takes a sip of this interesting bottle while robdogz01 also enjoys another sip @5:35. I’m sure that whatever is in those bottles, helps fuel his creativity.

@7:25, do you think robdogz01 really enjoys Corona, or he just has a thing for Corona stacking boxes? Looks like Mr. Zimmerman fancied robdogz01 head work as he took pics with him at one of his concerts @7:55! How cool is that. Wonder if Joel borrowed some techniques or took some lessons from this video on how to make a deadmau5 head. 😉

Check out the list of material to build the deadmaus5 head, along with written instructions that robodogz01 seemed to have followed to make the head along with the deadmau5 ear templates PDF.

For another and “original” deadmau5 head build, check out mau5maker YouTube video below:


Although mau5maker video may not be as instructive and detailed as robdogz01’s video, its still petty good and gives one the direction they need to get started.

There you go! This is a video hack on how to make a deadmau5 head. What are you gonna be for Halloween this year? Hint, Hint!


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