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How to learn anything faster

How to learn anything faster

How To Learn Anything Faster

With smartphones taking the world by storm in the last 10 years, putting a device in the palm of our hands that can instantly access information and provide a window into the digital world, has definitely changed how fast we want to learn, access information and not to mention, retain it.

In this YouTube video by Practical Psychology, they provide 5 tips to increase your learning speed and how to learn anything faster. Sometimes, you may feel that you can only intake so much information throughout the day before you become “brain dead” for lack of a better term, which bottle necks your learning ability.

However, like a muscle which can be trained and conditioned to grow, the brain can also be trained and conditioned, not to grow in size, but rather expand in its ability to rapidly add information to it, store it and access it. Just like a computer, the more RAM you add to it and the faster the CPU which computes the information to access the RAM the faster your computer becomes.

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Unlike computers where you can just add hardware to gain speed and computing power, for humans there is no hardware, or at least not yet that one can add to incense their brain functionality. However, what they can do is apply techniques which trains the brain on how to learn anything faster by perceiving, accessing, retaining information better and quicker. And that can be attain by applying the behaviors listed below:

– practicing

– giving yourself breaks

– sleep well

– focus on main words

– being persistent

So, are you ready to expand your mind and take your learning abilities to the next level? We though you would! YW!

If you liked the how to learn anything faster video you just watched, be sure to check out Practical Psychology’s website and make sure you follow them on Facebook / Instagram Twitter

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