How To Brew Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

There will be very few circumstances where you will need to channel your inner MacGyver and brew yourself a cup of coffee without using a maker, machine, or press, but this is for that very instance when the apocalypse is here and you need some extra energy to fight off the next herd of zombies coming your way. 

The European Coffee Trip has provided a great guide in this YouTube video on how to brew coffee without a coffee maker. So what do you need to begin? Below is a list of items to get you started.

5 Items To Brew Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

  1. Coffee Beans
  2. Grinder
  3. Two Mugs
  4. Spoon
  5. Strainer

The process is super simple. To make a single cup, use 12 grams of coffee beans, or 2.5 to 3 tablespoons. Grind your coffee beans so that you end up with ground coffee. A medium grind should suffice here. Pour the coffee grounds into a mug and add about 200ml of hot water, that is about 7 ounces and just under a cup.

Wait about 4 minutes to let the coffee brew itself. When the time is up, use a spoon to push the floating grounds down into the cup, then clean any leftover sediments on the surface above the coffee. If you were to taste your coffee now, it would be a little grainy as remaining sediments are still in the coffee. To remove this excess of coffee slurry, all you need to do is pour your coffee to the other mug while using the strainer to catch the extra coffee grounds. You will now have a clean cup of coffee with almost no sediment.

It is as fast and easy as that! Now you have learned how to brew coffee without a coffee maker. If you enjoyed this homebrew coffee guide, be sure to check out the European Coffee Trip website. Cheers!

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