All-time best life hacks to make your life easier

Best life Hacks

Ever wonder if there was ONE video that brings together the best life hacks? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore because the Wonder Genie (there isn’t one, we made it up) granted one of your wonders and blessed you with this 2:46:12 YouTube video made by none other than 5-Minute Crafts where they showcase their all-time best life hacks which will help you to ease your life!

Below is the time stamp of every life hack outline in the video so pay close attention because there will be a quiz at the end of the video (we’re kidding there is no quiz, we just wanted to scare you).


02:26 Hacks with markers
04:37 Period life hacks
05:23 We love slimes
20:14 Silica gel life hacks
23:49 Awesome kitchen ideas
51:31 Cool jeans ideas
57:06 Sewing tricks for beginners
01:17:38 Beach life hacks
01:30:55 How to make a perfect photo
01:47:26 Helpful travel hacks

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