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3D Printed Life Hacks

3D Printed Life Hacks

3D Printed Life Hacks

3D Printing debut back in 2010, and although it wasn’t as big of a hit as product designers and manufactures thought it would be, it’s now slowly starting to creep into the mainstream giving way for some 3D printed life hacks. We believe that the reason for the slow adaptation by the general population is lack of user intent, its rather expensive and there is a pretty steep learning curve.

Those three reason together don’t quite make 3D printing attractive, however as the technology improves, resulting in owning and operating a printer rather easier, we’re certain that it will be a part of our weekly lives in the near future.

In this YouTube video by iBuyNewStuff , they demonstrate 10 awesome 3D printed life hacks that you can make with your 3D printer (assuming you have some decent printing experience)! This video includes a variety of life hacks listed below and most of the STL files (3d printer code that the printer uses to turn into a tangible object) can be obtained below from Thingiverse, the world’s largest 3D printing design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable.

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One thing we know and are confident of is that 3D printing really opens up the DIY aspect to awesome tools you can make to hack your life and make it easier or more convenient such as below:

3D Printed Life Hacks Timeline

0:00 Bag clip

0:41 Toothpaste dispenser / clip

1:26 Handy key chains

2:28 Carabiner

2:52 Universal bottle opener

3:27 Fake shopping cart coin (use at your own discretion ? )

3:52 Custom monitor holder

4:28 Phone stand / iPhone stand

24:55 Cable Management / Cable holder / USB stress reliever / headphone clip

26:02 Earbud holder

Do you like the 3D printed life hacks video you just saw? If so, be sure to follow iBuyNewStuff website and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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